The Royalist’s Daughter

First published as “Yours, Dorothy.”

About the book:

Based on a true story of the British Civil War, star-crossed love, and one of the English language’s first great female writers.

“You ask my thoughts but at one hour. I know no hour when you have them not. In earnest, my very dreams are yours.”

Dorothy Osborne’s family has sacrificed everything for King Charles of England, living in exile in France after the king’s defeat by Parliament. Dorothy knows it is her duty to marry well and help her family, which means finding a wealthy suitor: Royalist, or maybe French, but never a Parliamentarian, and not someone of her own choosing. Her pen is the only outlet for her frustrated dreams, but women cannot be writers.

William Temple’s Parliamentarian family has set him on a course that seems destined for political heights, whether he wishes it or not. Then he meets Dorothy Osborne. Their shared intelligence, humor, and passion for the written word draw them into a secret romance, but are Dorothy’s letters enough to hold them together through political rivalries, the changing fortunes of civil war, and the schemes of an obsessive brother?

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