The Bone Map

If Huang-Fu doesn’t find gold, he won’t make it out of the Utah desert alive.

Huang-Fu just wants to survive his job digging for gold so he can go home to California or maybe even China. But when outlaws shoot his employer, Huang-Fu finds himself on the run with a map carved in bone. The map may lead Huang-Fu to an incredible lost treasure, but everyone else who followed the map has died. The outlaws are on his trail, and his only allies also want the treasure. Will Huang-Fu survive the curse of the bone map?

Fans of Treasure Island will enjoy this treasure hunt set among the gold miners, gunslingers, and Pony Express riders of the Old West.

You can buy the paperback from my Square store here (US only – price includes tax and shipping).

Buy the ebook as a mobi (Kindle) here or epub here. Please include the email address where you would like the file delivered.


BoneMap_frontcover copy


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