Mysteries of the Old West

Mysteries of the Old West: True Stories from the Wild West

Explore the history of the Old West through thirteen true, unsolved mysteries.

The Old West is known for pioneers, cowboys, and bandits, but it was also full of mysteries that remain unsolved to this day. In these thirteen stories, you’ll journey back in time to the days of the Wild West. Look for lost treasures in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Search for missing fur trappers and outlaws in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Hunt cold-blooded killers in Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota. Along the way, you’ll hear some eerie legends and a chilling ghost story.

ATOS level 7.3 (Lexile equivalent 940), great for ages 10-14 or anyone who loves American history or unsolved mysteries.

Available on Amazon.

Cover of book Mysteries of the Old West with image of a mysterious looking cowboy or desperado standing on railroad tracks in the desert against the sunset.

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